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As the founder of BROWNDOGDESIGN Chanin Walsh has partnered with (literally) thousands of companies bringing creative inspiration, award-winning designs, and strategic business expertise to just about any type of business you can think of, from the home town merchant to billion dollar corporations. Chanin will leverage tried-and-true experiences and best practices as a foundation for your branding initiative, but doesn’t hold back when it comes to bringing a sense of boldness, ingenuity and freshness to make your brand shine. 

When a client can trust the design inspiration, it frees them up to think about how they’re going to use it. When they’re focused on how and where to employ their brand, it greatly increases the chances for business success.

Creating a strong brand is based on trust.

Custom Brand Development

BROWNDOGDESIGN offers custom brand design packages ranging from $1,500 - $7,500, depending on what your goals are. Contact Chanin to discuss your project for a detailed estimate. Contact Us HERE.

Corporate Brand Package

Our CORPORATE BRAND PACKAGE was developed specifically as a turnkey solution with a set cost that gets your marketing challenges over the goal line quickly and cost-effectively. 
Our team will guide you through step by step - with TIME, COST AND SUCCESS as the #1 goal! 


• A dedicated project manager
• Custom marketing copy content for website
• Full-day custom photoshoot of your facility and staff
• Custom logo branding or brand refresh with style guide 
• Rights to all logo files
• Business card and stationary layouts
• Corporate signage and vehicle graphic layouts
• Trade show concepts 
• A complete 5-page Wordpress website
• Tutorials on changing updating some sections internally
• Basic website search engine optimization.

Investment $20k*
Timeline 8-12 weeks
* printing not included, quoted as needed

Is this package right for you? 
5 or more yeses means you need should book a call today!


• You have not ‘really’ invested anything in marketing in the past 10 or so years — ∆ Yes
• You feel behind the times when it comes to technology — ∆ Yes
•  It's a family-owned business and the new generations are looking toward new opportunities — ∆ Yes
•  Your marketing efforts have been all over the board and inconsistent — ∆ Yes
• You have anywhere from 10 to 300 employees — ∆ Yes
• Grandad drew the logo on a napkin in 1930, and it’s on everything — ∆ Yes
• Your marketing department is a shared responsibility with the sales department and/or owners — ∆ Yes
• You manufacture a product and you’ve had little need for marketing up to this point but feel your competitors have a stronger presence than you in the marketplace — ∆ Yes
• You know what makes your company different but you are not sure how to uniquely convey that to your customers — ∆Yes

Semi-Custom Brands

Under tight budget restraints? Ask about BROWNDOGDESIGN Semi-custom brand process. Contact Us HERE.

Marketing Materials

BROWNDOGDESIGN supports your business marketing communications needs with brochures, sell, sheets, business cards, vehicle graphics, trade show graphics, and more. Contact Chanin for inspiration and a detailed estimate on your project. Contact Us HERE.

Consulting Services

BROWNDOGDESIGN offers design consulting, naming and brand strategy services for projects of any size or stage. Need a fresh perspective, concept or inspiration for your new or growing business? Contact Chanin for a consulting estimate for your project. Contact Us HERE.

PowerHour Sessions

It may be that you’re not yet ready for a full-blown branding project. There may be times when you are looking to lean on specialized business expertise or bounce around some creative ideas. Ask about how you could benefit from Chanin’s condensed ‘PowerHour Sessions’. Contact Us HERE.

Danielle Kelly Signal Marketing

She helped me decide on a name and a logo for my company, and I couldn’t be happier! Highly recommend!

“I love my brand! Chanin was such a pleasure to work with.

kind words

How We Work


Procedural Questions

Also called “spec work”, it is not our policy to provide this. However we can share samples of other clients work that will give you an understanding of our capabilities.

Can you show me some ideas before I agree to the proposal?

We do accept 2 Pro-bono clients each calendar year. If you would like to be considered, please fill out our contact form and send us a brief description of your needs.

Do you take on Pro-bono clients?

This depends on the scope of the project itself. A flyer or business card layout could take a week, but a 12-page corporate capabilities project could take 5 to 6 weeks.

What is the typical length of a project?

An average logo/brand project takes anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks depending on how fast edits are supplied back to us.

How long does a logo design take?

Absolutely! Letterhead can be designed for print or online use, just remember to ask us to put that in the job request.

Can my letterhead be supplied in Microsoft word?

Yes, once the job is paid in full the logo files are 100% your property. 

Do I own my logo files?

A quick edit may seem quick for you but we get dozens of requests for a “quick edit” each week. Consolidating edits is more cost effective for you and will eliminate any type of job overage or additional costs on your end.

Can you just make a ‘Quick edit”?

Nope! Edits supplied this way can be lost in the communication cycle, so please email edits only via Adobe Acrobat.

Can I give you edits via voice mail, messenger or text?

Our preferred method of edits is using the Adobe Acrobat editing tools. This is quick and easy. If you have never used this program, we can teach you how to do that.

How should I supply edits to you?

As long as you have an idea to what you are trying to convey, we will help you along the way. We have access to talented, seasoned writers that are versed in a wide variety of industries.

What if I don’t have any copy content (text) for my project?

The best fit for us is a company with 10 to 300 employees but we have worked with smaller and bigger! Book a call today to find out if we are a good fit.

What size businesses do you work with?

We’ve helped hundreds of companies through the years from startups to fortune 500s. Our specialty is logos/brand development, but we have done every type of marketing soup to nuts.

What types of jobs do you do?

The best way to contact us is through the contact us form or schedule a call. Pricing varies on the scope of the job. For a quote go to our contact section, shoot us a message with a quick description of what you are looking for and we will be in contact to discuss your goals further.

How do I start a job with you?

Technical Questions

The source files are our intellectual property. However, the final deliverable, whether that be a printed piece or an online pdf, is always your property.

Can you supply me with the source files?

Technology can be tricky. Settings need to be configured properly to proof files on your phone. We suggest proofing on a larger screen so you can see the proof properly.

Can I view the proof on my phone?

Every monitor and every phone displays color slightly different. If you are seeing something onscreen while proofing that you think is incorrect, we can help you through this process. Generally, PC screens are darker than Apple screens.

Is the color I see on my screen accurate?

An image that is 300dpi is considered high resolution. An image that is 72 dpi brought into photoshop and changed into 300dpi does not actually change the true resolution and is not acceptable. A high-resolution logo file ideally should be supplied as an Illustrator.eps file. We can help you through this process if needed.

What is a HIGH RESOLUTION image?

Using someone else’s photography without permission is a copyright infringement. We have access to multiple photography sources to assist you with your photography needs. Photography can be licensed for proper usage through us, costs for this varies on the photograph and the photographer. We always give a quote prior to approval to purchase photograpy.

Can I give you photography downloaded from the web?

No, web files are not High Resolution and will not print properly. If you do not have your logo in HR, we can give you a quote to recreate your logo in the proper file format.

Can I give you a logo downloaded from a website for my printed project?

Website Questions

 No you don’t NEED maintenance, but site components receive updates all the time. While you can do these updates yourself, if you don’t know what you’re doing you will end up with poor results.

Do I need maintenance from you in the future?

One of the first things we do is install the best in-class security tool on your site. While no website is 100 percent secure we do the best to limit the possibility of your website being hacked.

How secure is my website?

Yes, our WordPress sites are set up for you to make changes, but we are always here to help. The builder on top of WordPress allows for simple edits with training.

Will I be able to make changes to my own website?

All websites need “hosting”. We are happy to point you to great website hosting or if you prefer we can host the website for you.

Do I need a server or can you provide one?

It is in your best interest for you to own your URL. Companies like NetworkSolutions, Godaddy and Namecheap are common resources for purchasing,

Do I need to own my URL (www.____.com)

It can if that is part of our plan. Optimizing your website pages does take some time and may be an additional cost.

Does the website include SEO?

In order to have the upmost professionalism for your company, we suggest your email match your domain name.

Why should my email be linked to my domain name?

WordPress is one of the most widely used platforms currently available. It is appropriate for single use businesses up to giant websites with tons of content. Additionally, the builder we use on top of WordPress makes it easy for us to train our clients to do simple edits themselves. 

Why should I use WordPress rather than another platform?

Assuming you have your written content, images, and graphics together, a typical site development time would be about 4 weeks. More complex projects may take more time.

What is the typical length of a website project?

 In order to price it, we need to define a clear scope on how big or small and how much you want your website to do. We suggest an initial meeting to discuss your parameters. Visit our contact us page and fill out the form so we can set up a time to meet.

How much does a website cost?

Administrative Questions

Yes we do! If we are heads down working on a project, you might hear from our trusty Admin Kerri! She can be reached at Kerri@browndogdesign.com

Do you have an Admin Assistant?

For new projects, we ask for a 50% deposit and 40% at the presentation of designs. The final 10% is due at completion of job.

What are your payment terms?

Typically, projects include 2 rounds of edits. Additional edits requested will be billed with clients’ approval.

How many rounds of edits are included in the cost of the project?

The industry standard for printing is an additional 25 percent markup. This covers our time for printing, quoting, pre-press, proofing, and insures your job is printed correctly.

Do you mark up the printing cost?

We work very hard to keep projects on time and within budget. If the project starts to go out of scope, we will alert you prior to any additional billing.

Will the project go over budget?

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