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 I like the word ‘unbridled’ because it fits the way I jump in full force, putting everything I have into what I am doing. Whether it’s BROWNDOGDESIGN, The FOUNDRY, or traveling with my TAB STELLA and Keva the BROWNDOG, I take it on – uninhibited, without fear. - Chanin

The encaustic painting technique nurtures that unbridled energy, it's playful, free and exploratory. Layers of thick wax make the possibilities for mixed media endless. If you are unfamiliar with encaustic painting browse through some of the recent works below or search this technique on Pinterest. I hope that you will be as inspired as I am at this amazing medium.

“Somebody once wrote that I have ‘unbridled, passion and creativity.’’

Encaustic paintings


“A walk in a small town is eye candy for me. 

A simple day trip to a town like New Hope, Lambertville or Frenchtown, always inspires. There’s so much to see: merchant’s windows, how people are working, living, loving, and of course - dogs on the street. Local flavor, personality, and heart always stir up ideas. The result is graphics that touch my heart in a slightly different way than my career of branding - these designs are the heart and soul of the local community.

That’s pure inspiration.”

 - Chanin

This is the cuff that started it all! Reads: Powerful, Confident fulfilled, Focused and Proud! FEEL IT - LIVE IT -WEAR IT! Material: Leather, Size: 2 X 6.75.
Fits standard wrist size

Custom Power Words Leather Cuff

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