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“A walk in a small town is eye candy for me. 

A simple day trip to a town like New Hope, Lambertville or Frenchtown, always inspires. There’s so much to see: merchant’s windows, how people are working, living, loving, and of course - dogs on the street. Local flavor, personality, and heart always stir up ideas. The result is graphics that touch my heart in a slightly different way than my career of branding - these designs are the heart and soul of the local community.

That’s pure inspiration.”

 - Chanin

This is the cuff that started it all! Reads: Powerful, Confident fulfilled, Focused and Proud! FEEL IT - LIVE IT -WEAR IT! Material: Leather, Size: 2 X 6.75.
Fits standard wrist size

Custom Power Words Leather Cuff

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